Babygrow Decorating

I hope you enjoy decorating a selection of babygrows for the new little one. Below you will find some inspiration images, a  photo tutorial of how to appliqué onto the babygrows and some useful tips on using the fabric pens.

Inspiration Images

Please also see our social media for ideas of other babygrows people have come up with!

Babygrow Applique 

1. Start by selecting your chosen stencil and tracing around it using a pencil on the paper side of the bonding paper (a bit like tracing paper).

2. Next, trim around the edges of the stencil and pick a fabric to use. Make sure the stencil fits inside the area of the fabric. If any of it hangs over, it won’t be transferred onto the fabric and the ‘glue’ may stick to the iron/ ironing board. This photo is the ‘right’ side of the fabric.

3. Turn your fabric over to the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric, as shown in this photo below. Place your stencil on top with the paper side facing you making sure no edges are hanging over.

4. Place your iron on the top and leave for a couple of seconds to set making sure you get to all the edges. The paper is now attached to the fabric.

5. Carefully cut out your stencil and then peel the backing paper off. It may seem like you are peeling it all off but if you feel the fabric it will be slightly shiny as the ‘glue’ has transferred. If not, press the iron for a bit longer to attach. Now all you need to do is turn it over so the ‘right’ side of the fabric is facing you, place the stencil where you would like it on the baby grow and press using the iron again for a few seconds to attach it to the babygrow! Make sure you press all the edges so that it feels secure.

You can use the fabric pens and alphabet/ number stencil to write words or dates and also for adding detail to your appliqué designs if you wish.

Also another nice idea is for everyone to write their name on the inside leg of the the babygrow they decorate so mum-to-be can remember who did which one!  Just remember to put the backing card inside the babygrow when using the fabric pens so it doesn’t transfer to the back.

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