Upcyled Tin Can & Hanger

You will need:

– Yarn/ string/ garden jute twine (you will need 6x at least your arms length per can)

– Tin can or a few

– PVA glue, paintbrush (you don’t mind getting glue on) & some water to mix with it

– Some of your favourite wallpaper (we just grabbed an off-cut we liked from a DIY store)or patterned paper/ card

– Scissors

– Ruler/ measuring tape (not essential)

– Plant/ flowers/ pens (optional- to go inside!)

Decorating the tin:

1.Clean your tin out and remove the label, (you can sand down any sharp edges if you wish). Measure from the top rim to the bottom of the can.

2. Measure the same distance on your wallpaper/ patterned paper. Trim the edge to create a straight edge and then cut a strip the same distance long enough to wrap around the can.

3. Paint glue all around the tin can and then roll your strip of paper around the can, trimming the edge if you need to and meet the other end neatly.

Now onto the hanger:

1. Cut 6 pieces of string/ wool at least 90cm in length and tie a knot in all 6 roughly 14cm from the end. This will be your tassel at the bottom of the hanger.

2. Separate out 3 by 2 strands of the wool/ string. Then tie a knot in each set of two approx 5cm up.

3. Do this process again taking different strands, again 5cm apart.

4. Repeat this process once more so you have 3x lots of knots and it begins to look like a net shape.

5. Open out the ‘net’ and place the tin can inside. Gather up the sides around the tin and hold up- you can now see it taking shape.

6. Tie a knot in the top and then decide how much of a loop you would like to hang it and tie another knot there. You now have a loop at the top to hang it somewhere in your home. Place a mini plant inside (we padded out the bottom of the tin with some cardboard so the plant was sitting in the ‘right’ place at the top of the tin). You could also use it as a pencil pot or storage container but we advise sanding down any sharp edges beforehand.

Once you have made the hanger you can create ‘varnish’ for the tin to protect it by mixing some PVA glue with water and painting it around the wallpaper on the tin. This take a few hours to dry so is worth doing it after you have made the hanger for it.

You can then begin to explore different macrame knots that you could add to your hanger to create more details, take a look here