Valentine’s Fabric Wraps Printing Make-Kit Instructions


With more people using their mobile phones to connect and an increased awareness of becoming more environmentally friendly, we hope you don’t mind our tutorials in digital vs paper format. Not only can you create ‘on the go’ through accessing online, but you can also enlarge the photos to see more of a close up than you can with a printed photo. Happy crafting, we would love to see your makes, please tag us #makedoandtrend and look out on our instagram (@make_do_and_trend) for virtual workshops! 

Wrapping Techniques

Please take a look at our Instagram page and YouTube for fabric wrapping techniques as well as these handy Youtube videos I have put together:

Care & Wrapping Etiquette 

You can wash and iron your wraps in your regular wash after you have set them with an iron, we recommend a short cycle of no more than 30c and iron on a low heat.

-The hemming web attaching the invisible seam may need pressing after a wash with an iron to bond back together if it becomes loose.      

You can either gift your fabric wrap as part of the present for the recipient or ask for it back so that you can reuse it again and again. 

Provided is a matching tag and sticker to pop on the back of the tag for either option so you can decide! 

Tutorial- Fabric Wrap Printing

Tutorial- Pom Pom Making