On Trend: Unicorn Pumpkin DIY

I decided to go down the decorating route with pumpkins this year and as unicorns have been such a big trend, it would be rude not to give it a go myself! Apologies for photo quality, I ended up decorating it at dusk so there’s lots of shadow. Here’s how I did it though…

Equipment you will need

  • Pumpkin (I used one of the ghost, white ones but it wasn’t pale enough so decided to paint it anyway)
  • Household paint in your favourite unicorn colour & paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • White and pink craft foam
  • Glue gun
  • Card and glitter paper
  • Faux flowers
  • Black sharpie

1. The first thing I did (if you have a lovely white pumpkin you could skip this step) was paint the pumpkin in baby pink all over with household paint.
2. Then I cut out the white and pink foam to create ears for the unicorn and glued the pink onto the white.3. I made a fold at the base of the ear so that it would bend around the pumpkin so it could be glued on and stay standing upright (obviously wait for the pumpkin to dry if you’re painting it before doing this!).4. I chose a baby blue to contrast the pink for the horn and made the card into a cone shape and glued in place. 5. I had some glitter paper so thought that would be a nice addition and created a spiral with it going around the blue cone before gluing it over the top of the stem of the pumkin.6. Then I added some contrasting faux flowers around the horn and across the top with the glue gun, well, just because it looks so pretty! 7. Finally, I drew some cute eyes and nostrils on the front with the black sharpie and here she is…Hope you have a lovely halloween weekend, good luck with any pumpkin carving/ decorating you might be doing,

Kirsty x

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