Rustic Kilner Jars Tutorial

1. Start by cutting your stencil out as close to the image as possible, then peel and stick centrally on the plain side of the jar smoothing down the edges (not the raised side).

2. Apply a thin layer (you will only need around 3/4 layers, thin layers are key for drying) of paint over the jar (don’t worry about getting it on the stencil) You might also like to paint the bottom or top rim you like.

3. Put your hand inside the jar and dry each layer using a hairdryer, being careful not to get it too close to the jar and making sure each layer is completely dry in-between coats.

4. Once you are happy with the colour/ coverage, peel off your stencil and dampen a piece of cloth. Use this to wipe away any excess paint and tidy up the paint around the edges of the stencils using one end of the embossing tool to chip away at the paint.

5. If you would like the ‘shabby chic’ effect, use the sandpaper to scratch away some of the paint. We have found the best method is if you fold the sandpaper over and ‘slice’ it across before sanding over the top. Going over any raised parts with the sandpaper is also really effective in creating this look.

6. Tie the ribbon/s in a bow at the top of the jar and finish by trimming the edges of the ribbon.