Master Make’s First Birthday Party

It doesn’t seem long enough ago that I was at my favourite hall for my baby shower and now I’m back there again celebrating the little man’s first Birthday! We decided we didn’t want to get him Christened so thought we would have a big party for him instead and here it is…

I know I always go on about it but I LOVE Copsale Hall and any excuse to have another celebration there right?! I have been planning this party since maybe, June, (I just wanted to make sure everyone was available to come, honest I’m not mad!) and went with a teddy bear’s picnic theme as I don’t think you can get away with it when they’re much older and it goes with the character of the venue. Check out the invite I designed *so pleased I got the your/you’re grammar right, phew!*…

I scoured pinterest and blogs looking for inspiration for decorations, food, cakes and games and took what I liked from different things to make it into our own version.


I’ve always wanted to use one of those giant number balloons so was in my element when I realised I could combine it with paper fans (we make these in our Pretty Paper Decorations workshops) to create a lovely focal backdrop in the room. My friends came over a few nights before to help me make them!We used some plastic red gingham tablecloths for the tables which contrasted the giant baby blue and smaller red  bunting I strung anywhere I could! I also found a pin on pinterest showing these bear bag centrepieces and knew these would look great on the tables so recreated them and got some coordinating balloons from our local party shop.



We had lots of children coming of varying ages so wanted to have some different activities to keep them all occupied. We had picnic blankets on the floor with some of Sid’s toys and books to read in one area and table dedicated to biscuit decorating and colouring in (bear themed of course!). We did pass the parcel (I actually forgot how you wrap it together but luckily Mr Make knows what he’s doing!) Everyone was asked to bring their favourite teddy along and we used them to play ‘Last Bear Standing’ where we put them all in a parachute I borrowed from the local toy library (yes that’s a thing!) and shook it up until the last bear left in the parachute was the winner! We were also meant to do ‘Best Bear’ and I had rosettes for Master Make to make his choices for his favourites that people had brought along but we didn’t get round to that one!


I spent weeks researching and practising his cake and had two failed attempts before I managed to crack the 12 inch sponge, so many calculations, so many eggs! I just had a thing about making his cake, I wanted to do it myself as I just imagined I would make all his cakes for every Birthday. I told a friend I was trying to recreate grass with the bottom cake and she suggested mixing green food colouring with desiccated coconut to create a similar texture to grass and I was so pleased with how it turned out! The top was a chocolate teddy bear face cake which I used the recipe and tutorial from here but made it chocolate instead of vanilla and made the cake bunting to finish it all off.

I knew the cake alone wouldn’t be enough for everyone coming along (we had about 60 adults & 15 kids) and came across ISpyCandy on Facebook and knew she’d be able to create some lovely cupcakes and biscuits with the teddy bear’s picnic theme. They were SO cute, almost too good to eat they looked amazing with such attention to detail!

Master Make got SO many cards and presents, I don’t think he’ll need any toys for the next few years, lucky boy! Am I mad that I want to do it all again now?! It was so much fun organising and seeing everyone enjoying themselves on the day although I don’t think Mr Make will let me do a big party for a while, when’s my 30th again?! Haha


Have a lovely weekend, Happy Friday!

Kirsty x

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