Make’s Materials…behind the scenes!

My lovely crafters are always commenting on the materials and fabrics we use in our workshops so we thought it was only fair you have a sneak peak at our delightful stash of crafty goodies…

We are unique in that we tailor each of our workshops to your chosen theme or colour scheme so are often left with some interesting fabric combinations in our basic supply. Check out this Harry Potter themed ribbon from when we hosted a Harry Potter Hen Quilt making workshop!


And this bee fabric is still really popular after one of our nature/ green themed Sash Decorating workshops…

I have a shed which I store anything that can be kept in boxes outside but also a big ikea unit in my office/ spare room which can fit a ton of materials in. I try to organise them by workshop type and then take what I need for each workshop in prettier, more manageable boxes and baskets. This is my drawer for our Faux Floral Festival Crown workshop…

Ribbon we use for the majority of workshops, wether it’s the ties for the flower crowns, bows on our Rustic Kilner Jars or detailing on a Scrapboard. We also have a hefty stash of felt used mostly for shapes in decorating patchwork squares for a quilt or in our Prop Making workshop.

I think people forget about the boring supplies like scissors and pens and we must have at least 50 of each! Even though we’ve never done a workshop for 50 people, we could have two going on at the same time so it’s double the supplies.  We hope you’ve enjoyed a little snippet into just some of the materials and equipment that go into your workshops. Take a look at our 5* reviews on Facebook where we have hosted SO many bespoke workshops with our growing collection of lovely materials.

Have a lovely weekend,

Kirsty x

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