Hen Party Straw Flags Tutorial

Following on from last week’s hen party badges tutorial, I thought I would also share with you how we make the straw flags we use for parties as well. These are great for any occasion and bring a touch of personalisation to any party…

Equipment you will need

  • Scissors
  • Printer and paper
  • Selection of paper straws
  • Glue stick
  • Editing software, for example Photoshop (although I’m sure you can create the same effect using Microsoft Word and WordArt if you don’t)

1. The first thing to do is find a straw flag template to use online, just pop ‘straw flag template’ into your search engine and loads will come up, especially under the images section.

2. Then you want to import the templates into your chosen editing software and write your Bride’s name and ‘Hen Party’ over the top keeping to the right side of the flags. Again, I use Affinity but I’m sure you could do the same in Microsoft Word by putting WordArt text over the top of the template if you don’t have any editing software.

3. Arrange as many flags as you can on the page or as many as you need and print.

4. Cut out each of the flags, being careful to keep the flag bits as symmetrical as possible so when you fold them they meet!

5. Glue the back of your flags and then fold them over and meet the ends wrapped around your straws (I usually get a selection of the straws from eBay or Amazon but they also sell them in all party shops and Hobbycraft).

It’s as easy as that! We can’t stop making these at home now for any special occasion! Have a fab weekend and please share with us if you have success making them yourselves at home.

Kirsty x

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