Hen Party Badges Tutorial

I get messages all the time asking about the hen party badges that we include in all our hen packages and whether they are for sale. The answer is, well, not yet! But only because the graphics we use not intended for commercial use so we are just waiting to find the right graphics to use and then we will put them into production for sale.

You can totally make these at home so easily though, so I thought I would post a little tutorial for everyone who has enquired about wanting some for their hen parties so you can have a go at making them yourselves…

Equipment you will need

  • Scissors.
  • Printer and paper.
  • Laminator and laminating paper.
  • Self-adhesive badge pins.
  • Editing software, for example Photoshop (although I’m sure you can create the same effect using Microsoft Word and WordArt if you don’t).

1. The first thing to do is find some graphics that you like, this doesn’t have to be in a heart shape but we like hearts! I can recommend The Graphics Fairy and Free Pretty Things For You that supply cute images you can use for free.

2. Then you want to import the images into your chosen editing software and write your hens’ names over the top, I use Affinity Designer (which is essentially a cheaper copy of Photoshop but there was no way I was going to pay the Adobe subscription charges when it changed after I finished Uni!) But I’m sure you could do the same in Microsoft Word by putting WordArt text over the top of the image in your chosen colour/ font if you don’t have any editing software.

3. You then want to fit as many of your ‘badges’ on the page as you can in the size that you’d like, 6 works well with these hearts and then print them out and cut out each one individually.

4. Then turn your laminator on and arrange the hearts inside the laminating paper, be careful to leave enough of a gap between them so you can cut them out again once they’ve been fixed!

5. Pop them through the laminator making sure they are still evening spaced then cut them out again leaving enough of the laminate round the edges so it doesn’t peel away and neaten up the edges.

6. Then all you need to do is peel off the strip on your self adhesive badge pins (I get mine from eBay) and pop them on the back and they are ready to use at the hen party. Repeat the process for however many badges you need.

I hope that helps, it’s really nothing fancy but it does the job, looks lovely and because they’re laminated they are pretty sturdy too. We also use them as the pins to hold the sashes together on our sash decoration workshop!

Have a fab weekend lovelies and please share with us if you have success making them yourselves at home.

Kirsty x

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