Everlasting Floral Hoop Make-Kit Instructions


With more people using their mobile phones to connect and an increased awareness of becoming more environmentally friendly, we hope you don’t mind our tutorials in digital vs paper format. Not only can you create ‘on the go’ through accessing online, but you can also enlarge the photos to see more of a close up than you can with a printed photo. Happy crafting, we would love to see your makes, please tag us #makedoandtrend and look out on our instagram (@make_do_and_trend) for virtual workshops! 


1.Take a sheet of card/ paper/ newspaper or (anything you don’t mind getting glue on!) and place it on the surface you would like to work from. I suggest at a table or with a lap tray if you want to craft on the go! Unscrew your embroidery hoop.

2. Place your ‘bottom’ hoop (one without the screw) on your work surface. Place the Tulle over the top and then the second ring (with the screw) over the top. Tighten the screw and pull the Tulle taught in the frame, tightening the screw further to hold it in place. Cut the edges off roughly, leaving enough ‘wiggle’ room if you need to adjust at a later stage.

3. Pop your stencil on top of the Tulle and make sure it is in the centre/ where you are happy with it. Using the market pen, roughly draw around the edge of the stencil onto the Tulle. Don’t worry if it’s not neat, it’s just to give you an idea of the shape of the letter!

4. Using your paintbrush and glue, start to spread some onto the middle part of the letter or follow the line of the stencil to fill it in. You can then begin to take pieces from your dried flowers and stick them onto the Tulle. The tweezers may help to separate petals, place them on the hoop or even when your hands get a little sticky!

5. Experiment with your placement of the dried flowers, adding glue as and when you need. Petals are good for larger areas and smaller flower heads for infilling and more ‘branchy’ ones for the outlines. Some of them you can ‘poke’ through the holes in the tulle to make the more secure and try to think about the different colours flowers you have any spacing them out across the stencil. You can even put some of the glue on top of the flowers to hold in place as it will dry clear!

6. TOP TIPS! The flowers on the left and more twiggy or foliage pieces are great for outlines and straight lines and the ones on the right are great for breaking up between your fingers and ‘sprinkling’ on to fill in any gaps.

7. Continue to keep gluing and adding flowers until you are happy with your letter. Make sure the flowers feel secure and if not add some more glue. Don’t worry the glue is PVA, dries clear and is non toxic- I found this to be best kind overall when experimenting! Once it has dried, trim any stems sticking out on the back and add an extra layer of glue to the back if necessary.

8. Once you are happy with it and the hoop has completely dried after a good few hours or overnight, you can now attach your ribbon. Loop it through the screw at the top and tie in a double knot at the top to create a loop in the centre to hang from a nail or hook. I’m also a massive fan of hanging wall art up with these button-ups from Love & Joy! Stand back and admire your beautiful everlasting letter floral hoop!