Fabric Cover Folded Book Art

You will need:

Some fabric (enough to fit around the outside of your book)


Craft or fabric glue

Ruler or tape measure (optional)

1.Take some fabric that is large enough to fit your book inside, fabric or craft glue and scissors. Turn your fabric onto the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric. and push the front and back of your book down onto the fabric and cut around leaving roughly around 1-2cm around the edge.

2. Place glue along the edges of the book and fold the fabric over to meet them. When you get to the corners, create a fold to tuck all the fabric under and create a neat edge.

4. Next spread some glue thinly on the rest of the page then use the back page of the book and press down onto the glue. Covering the back and ‘trapping’ the raw fabric edges underneath, hiding the raw edges and creating a neat finish.

5. Stand the book up on its end and open out to create a small ‘hole’ in the spine. Use your scissors to push the remaining fabric into the spine to create a neat finish.


6. Your book is now complete with a lovely fabric cover!