Easter Bunny Decorative Frame

1.Take your bunny print and it cut out from the card.

2. Take your patterned paper and draw round your bunny template onto the paper and then cut it out.

3. Take your pom pom maker and open it out. Tie one end of your wool onto one end of the pom pom maker and start to wrap around the half circle as shown.

4. Once you reach the end have wrapped the wool round to cover the green, open out the pom pom maker and pass the wool through to the other side and start wrapping it around the other side. Don’t worry about the wool running through the centre, this will be cut at the end.

5. When you have wrapped both sides round, close up the pom pom maker again and start cutting the wool along each edge as shown (don’t worry it won’t come apart!).

6. Once you have cut both edges, cut off a piece of wool and tie it as tight as you can through the middle of the pom pom maker, knot it a couple of times to make secure. Then open out the pom pom maker and put apart to reveal your pom pom.

7. Using your scissors, trim the wool off and round the edges of your pom pom to create a neat ball.

8. Cut out a circular shape from your patterned paper, approx 1-1.5cm in diameter, then place a glue dot onto one side of the circle. Then attach the circle to the pom pom, leaving the glue dot bonding the circular disc and pom pom together.

9. Using a pritt stick, glue your bunny to your background card. Then take another glue dot and stick onto the circular disc on the pom pom and place where you like on the bunny to create it’s fluffy tail.

10. Unhook your frame and remove the glass, discard safely. Put some pritt stick on the frame board and attach the picture to the back of the frame. Be careful went putting the frame back on and push the pins back down to hold it in. Here is your finished Easter frame!



Find another project you would like to make using pom poms.