Dream Catcher Make-Kit Tutorial


With more people using their mobile phones to connect and an increased awareness of becoming more environmentally friendly, we hope you don’t mind our tutorials in digital vs paper format. Not only can you create ‘on the go’ through accessing online, but you can also enlarge the photos to see more of a close up than you can with a printed photo. Happy crafting, we would love to see your makes!


1.Take your doily and place in the centre of the bamboo ring. Cut a small piece from the white yarn and loop it through one of the edges/points of the doily and attach to the bamboo ring with a double knot. Make sure the yarn is the same width all the way around and the doily stays central. Continue this in opposite corners to ensure it is secure in the middle and work your way around the edges of the doily until you feel enough of the edges are tied to secure.

2. Tie your jute twine for the ring in a double knot at where you would like the top of the dream catcher to be. You can always cut the twine into 4 equal pieces and tie at each quarter of the hoop, as it can be quite a lot of twine to keep poking through! Keep passing the twine under and over all the way around the hoop, being careful not to leave any gaps in-between, being careful as you navigate the parts where the white yarn is. You can trim (but not too much!) the white yarn and ‘hide’ it underneath the twine as you go round. Once you have covered the entire hoop, tie it in a knot on itself and keep wrapping and tying until you feel it is secure. Leave the remaining  twine to hang loose for now.

3. Take your middle piece of ribbon (we’ve used the rustic cream ribbon but yours my be a hessian lace) and fold it in half. With the folded end, poke it through closest to the bottom-mddle as you can and then bring the rest of the ribbon up through it to create a neat knot as shown.

4. Continue the process with whichever other ribbons and trims you wish to use, matching them on wither side of your central ribbon. With the lace, you can just take the strand and tie it in a knot (so the knot is at the back).

5. To create your plaits with feathers, take your other twine (the one for the plaits) and tie a knot in the top of 3 threads. Start to braid the length of the twine, you can use a bit of tape to stick it down if it’s tricky to hold and plait! Once you get near the bottom, tie another knot to hold it in place and slide the end of the feather into the knot to secure it in place.

6. Use some of your excess jute twine from the bamboo frame to make a loop at the top of the dreamcatcher. If any of the ribbons need trimming, use some scissors you may have (preferably fabric scissors, but not essential) to trim the bottoms to create an even finish at the bottom. Handy tip: cutting the ribbon on an angle or chevron shape can help stop it fraying.

7. Your dream catcher is complete, hang it somewhere you can admire it all day in your home!