Craft Workshops

Our craft workshops are a fun way of meeting new people, learning a new skill and creating something contemporary and unique to take home with you. Come along on your own and meet some like-minded people or bring a friend for a crafty catch up!

Our craft workshops include all materials as well as tea/coffee & cake and are priced at our new low price of £17.50 per person!

Please see our workshops below and current locations and times in the calendar.



PictureDoodle embroidery is an emerging trend in stitching and fresh approach to century-old embroidery techniques. For crafters of all skill levels, it is one of the easiest and most addictive way to transform ordinary items or unused fabrics.

In this workshop you will create two doodle embroidered coasters using embroidery techniques on vintage fabrics before encasing your creations in a useful coaster. You can choose from a selection of fabrics and images to create your unique coasters which are perfect in your own home or as a special handmade gift.


PictureWith upcycling remaining a massive trend in interiors, book folding provides an effective new use for discarded books. The art of book folding combines the love of books with the love of paper crafting and in just a few hours you will have a book of folded art that will amaze both yourself and your friends.

In this workshop learn how to create your own folded book art from a selection of patterns which you will be able to take home with you to create more, it get’s very addictive! We will show you some styling and finishing options too if you want to add to your book. Lovingly prepared these books make the perfect handmade gift or decoration for your own home.


Fabric Wall Art WorkshopFabric letters are an emerging trend in home decoration to lift any room whether it be your lounge or child’s nursery. Now you can turn away from the shop and create your own colourful and unique 3D wall art piece.

Choose from a range of colourful complementary fabrics to create your own personalised piece of wall art (we’ve gone for a seaside theme here!).  In this workshop you will learn the process of cutting your letters (or numbers), making them appear 3D and attaching your choice of fabric. No experience necessary. All materials included along with tea/coffee  & cake. This workshop lasts around 2 hours and is being held at various venues throughout the summer.


Upcycled Vintage China Jewellery WorkshopHandmade jewellery is the biggest trend in learning a new craft skill this year and with vintage china increasingly popular, creating your own jewellery and upcycling vintage china ticks all the boxes.

In this workshop you will learn how to create a selection of jewellery including a ring and drop earrings using vintage china. You will also back your jewellery with either gold or silver leather to finish your new upcycled pieces.

Create unique pieces for yourself or for a great handmade gift.

No experience necessary. All materials are included along with tea/coffee & cake. This workshop lasts around 2 hours and is being held at various venues throughout the summer.


PictureWith the revival of afternoon tea occupying everyone’s lips why not try your hand at a floral cupcake arrangement, not for human consumption but they look tasty! A quirky twist on the traditional floral gift, these cupcake arrangements are pretty and fun.

In this workshop you will create three ‘cupcakes’ using fresh flowers which you could give to somebody as a handmade gift, decorations for a Wedding or even for your own home! Learn how to fill a your cupcake cases with seasonal flowers arranged in floral foam, we’ll supply all the materials for you to take your floral cupcake creations home.

No experience necessary. All materials are included along with refreshments.


Stitched Canvas WorkshopHomemade canvas art has become increasing popular and stitched illustrations make the perfect handmade gift whatever the occasion this year.

In this workshop you will learn how to create a beautifully hand sewn canvas from a selection of images using colourful fabrics and blanket stitching. You may also be able to customise the text stitched onto the canvas with your own unique message.

This workshop is fully customisable so you can make for your own home, for someone as a handmade gift as or even for a child’s bedroom.

No experience necessary. All materials are included along with refreshments.


Rustic Kilner Jar workshopKilner jars have stood the test of time for over 150 years and in recent years have made something of a revival as people revert back to the homemade. Not only can you store your homemade goodies, but there are so many ways to decorate them!

In this workshop you will create either one or two medium sized decorative Kilner jars with a rustic twist which you could use as a vase or pretty storage jar.  You can give them to somebody as a gift, to store your sewing materials in or even as decorations for your Wedding. You will also paint the lid with blackboard paint so you can write your own message on the top or label the goodies inside. If you make two you can use one for storage and one for flowers!

No experience necessary. All materials are included along with refreshments.


PictureKeep your hands nice and toasty this winter by making a pair of pretty hand warmers, for when gloves just aren’t enough!

In this workshop you will create either these heart hand warmers infused with lavender or our male moustache version infused with cardamon.

Learn new skills as you cut out your preferred pattern, hand sew together, fill and then add decorative embroidery stitching before gift wrapping them.

These little lovelies make the perfect addition to your own winter wardrobe or as a homemade gift. All you need to do when you get them home is pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds and you have instant heat for your hands as well smelling fragrant!

No experience necessary. All materials are included along with refreshments.