10 things to do with a Rustic Kilner Jar!

Our Rustic Kilner Jars workshop is still one of our most popular, whether it is a craft activity for a hen party or a local class we run, it is probably because these are so customisable and have so many uses. Today we have rounded up 10 uses for our Rustic Kilner Jars, some are obvious choices and some are more unusual that we have heard how they will be used from the people making them!

  1. 1. Vase for flowers at home or a wedding-  obviously number one as many of our hen parties create one jar for the bride to use at the wedding and another for themselves to take home. One of mine at home actually contains my dried wedding bouquet.
  2. 2. Tea light holder- You can try lighting a tea light in a little jar but we don’t recommend it, get some  battery operated LED ones and save your fingers!
  3. 3. Animal feed jar- We once had a lady who used our bird stencil and was going to use her jar to store bird feed, how cute! You could also do a doggy themed stencil and fill them with our furry friend’s treats.
  4. 4. Tip jar- a few people from this group were hairdressers so they used the lid to create a slot for coins so they could use it as they’re tip jar, what a great idea. You could also tie a luggage label around the top and write ‘Tips’ on, just to be safe! 
  5. 5. Easter decoration– use our bunny stencil and fill your jar with mini eggs, they are the perfect size.
  6. 6. Decoration for a nursery or children’s bedroom– using the theme for their room,  match a stencil and create a jar in-keeping with the room that can also be used for storage. Great for all those little toys in a kid’s room or cotton wool for a nursery. My little boy has a peter rabbit themed nursery so obviously went with a rabbit!
  7. 7. Christmas decoration– fill with sweets, nuts, mini baubles or anything Christmassy using one of our Christmas themed stencils.
  8. 8. Tissue dispenser– create a fabric lid and slice a slit into it to create a cute tissue dispenser.
  9. 9. Weight loss jar- a new craze at the moment. If you create two jars, you can fill one with marbles of how many pounds you want to lose and one with how many you have lost, no one would even think they were anything more than some decorative jars at home!
  10. 10. Sewing Kit– a great gift idea for someone to. Create a pin cushion with some wadding and fabric on the lid of the jar and fill with sewing goodies inside to create a sewing kit.

If you have any other uses for our Rustic Kilner Jars or have attended one of our workshops and have one at home, we’d love to hear from you and see what you did with them.

Happy Friday everyone!

Kirsty x

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